About Me

I am a spinner, weaver, crocheter, knitter, sewer, dyer and all round fibre enthusiast. I have loved all things textile/fibre related since childhood. I cannot remember when or how I learned to knit and crochet, but they were the activities that started me down this fibre obsessed path. Over the year I've tried many different things. Some have stayed and others were left to the side, perhaps to be taken up again at a later date.

In 2010 I decided to open my studio to the public, partly because there were so few local resources available in Montreal for weavers and spinners. Also, I really wanted a place where others who shared my passion or were just curious, could see these activities still being done. I have met so many wonderful people and am always happy to share my love of these activities.

I am a dealer for several loom and spinning wheel manufactured. Details can be found on my Spinning, and Weaving pages.